GiveUNC 2022-23 Autographed Basketball Raffle

This year, when you give to the Charlotte Carolina Club Scholarship Fund during GiveUNC (March 28th), you’ll automatically be entered in a raffle for an autographed basketball from the 2022-23 men’s basketball team and coaching staff.

You will automatically be entered in both raffles with your purchase.

You’ll receive tickets in the quantities below based on your donation amount:

1 ticket for $5

3 tickets for $10

7 tickets for $20

20 tickets for $50

50 tickets for $100

Follow these instructions to make your donation to the Charlotte Carolina Club Scholarship Fund:
1. Visit this site:
2. Under Become a Sustainer, select if you want to make a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift.
3. Under Gift Information, scroll down to Regional Scholarships and select Charlotte Carolina Club Scholarship (656839).
4. Enter your gift amount and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your gift.

If you purchased raffle tickets for the first autographed ball (raffled during the March 4th Duke game), you will automatically be entered in the raffle for this ball. No action is required on your part.

Read more about our scholarship and how your participation in raffles like this helps Charlotte-area UNC students.

The estimated raffle date is the first week of May, depending on when we receive the donor information from the University. We will confirm the date in April and provide more details.