2016 Queen’s Cup Steeplechase – Apr 30

Queens_400x400Saturday, April 30 REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!   The Charlotte Carolina Club and the Charlotte Gamecocks Club are joining together so that you and your friends can enjoy one of best springtime events in the Charlotte area.   If you’re not going to make it to Churchill Downs this year, take this opportunity to enjoy a spring afternoon outdoors with good food, your favorite cocktails, and live thoroughbred racing just 30 miles from uptown Charlotte. As we were looking to find transportation to the event, we discovered that the West Virginia University club was not only going to the Queen’s Cup but had plenty of room for us to join them! And at a slightly better cost! 

 The cost of a ticket is $115 and includes the following:

§  (1) Admissions badge to the Queen’s Cup

§  BBQ buffet with all the fixin’s

§  Open bar with service (sponsored by Tito’s)

§  Bus Transportation to and from the Queen’s Cup.

§  Pickup from Park Road Shopping Center at 11am

§  Access to our hospitality tent on Heartbreak Hill including tables and chairs.

Ticket cost without transportation is $90

More details:

§  Event date: April 30th 2016 – https://www.queenscup.org

§  Bring your beverages of choice

§  The attire for this event is derby inspired, southern charm, etc. (Don’t forget to show your school colors!)

April 30, 2016